Focused Hub recognises that energy is at the core of any business and often accounts for a large proportion of a business overall annual expenditure. Having the time and/or understanding to traverse the complex energy landscape poses different challenges for different organisations is another matter altogether.

Our objective is to help organisations source energy at a competitive price and understand the market conditions and commodities that drive these energy prices, thereby enabling our clients to develop an efficient and effective purchasing strategy in today’s volatile market – which is paramount in an effort to mitigate a business’s risk. Typical service includes:

Basic pricing and procurement
Day-to-Day Management – Change of Tenancies, New Meter Installations, Smart Meter Installations, Temporary Building Supplies
Reviewing overall consumption and usage accordingly relevant to associated costs – synchronising Contract End Dates,
Effective and efficient management of energy, heat mapping, climate change agreement
Bill Validation and Cost Recovery
Advisory Role –including Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC); Display Energy Certificates (DECs), VAT disclaimer


Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy which includes both Consultancy and Staff Training has a unique concept within Focused Hub.

An organisation isn’t always about perfection it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life – Focused Hub can help deliver this ethos!.

Focused Hub Ltd undertakes consultancy with an innovative, energetic and results-based focus. Our team will help your business plot and achieve sustainable business growth in the following areas:-

Change, Change Management & Change Leadership
Culture change
Shared Vision, Goals and Objectives
Succession Planning
Process Development
Project Management


Focused Hub offers a range of business solutions which help businesses to work smarter not harder.

If you are interested in winning more business and gaining new customers, then our Public-Sector Procurement and Tendering Service is just what you need.

Whether you are new to Public Sector Tendering or you have many years of experience, our Procurement Training includes:

  • Understanding the Procurement Market;
  • Mapping out new opportunities;
  • Writing strong and successful Tender Bid Documents
  • Provide you with a series of top tips which will enable you to win more business!

We will even help you to write your bid response document if you find yourself pushed for time.


Focused Hub recruitment is focused purely on the key job positions in the organisation that the accelerated growth of the business.

In times of a talent shortage, when unemployment figures are low and new jobs are being created, it’s tempting to make quicker decisions than normal when hiring, purely because you have to rather than because you’ve found the right individual. You may strike lucky, of course, but if you don’t, the financial implications can be huge.

As an employer, you may think that you’ve only got it wrong on occasion and that it hasn’t really cost you, so there’s no need to do anything differently in the long term. Sadly, it’s not a rare occurrence – a recent survey of HR managers showed that 85% believed that a company they had worked for had at some point made a bad hire. Other surveys suggest that at least 20% of all hires and 40% of new hires within their first 18 months can be classed as bad hires. Our service includes:

Permanent Placements; Temporary placements and Contracted placements.
Overseas recruitment from sourcing to 1st day on the job.
Compliance audits to ensure that companies which are employing Non-EU nationals are compliant with UK immigration rules and regulations including Workshops and associated paperwork / workshops.
Basic HR duties such as creation of employee files. Employment contracts and disciplinary advice.


Giving Back through Power-2B:

Focused Hub Ltd, through our social enterprise company Power-2B, provides opportunities for FUNDRAISING for local businesses, communities, schools, clubs and charities at NO COST. It’s a WIN/WIN all round for all parties and can be used to support organisations, groups or individuals.

Power-2B is not aligned to any supplier. You (the client) make all the decisions and choices.

Focused Hub operates in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

Interested – Please get in touch!